LGBTQ dissolutions have become somewhat settled law the last couple of years.  However, by no means does this mean that same sex and queer dissolutions are settled territory in the law without issues.  For example, for years gay and lesbian couples could not form an equivalent legal relationship to straight couples, now LGBTQ couples can form more kinds of legal relationships than their hetero counterparts.

In California same sex couples have the option to both get married and to become registered domestic partners, while straight couples under the age of 65 can only become married.  This can lead to some tricky legal situations.  For example, if a same sex couple forms a domestics partnership, and then before getting married, signs a prenuptial agreement, a question of whether the prenuptial agreement applies to both the partnership and marriage, or, just the marriage, can raise real issues.

Potential legal landmines like these have diminished as LGBTQ rights have become integrated into the law, but the vestigial legal devices on the road the equality have left some treacherous terrain for the unwary.

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