Bay Area Product Liability LawyerAs a consumer, you have the right to expect products you buy and use to be in safe condition.  If you are injured by a product due to either its defective condition or an improper safety warning on the product, then you may be entitled to compensation.  This area of law is known as Products Liability.  If you believe that your personal injury is a products liability lawsuit, the Bay Area attorneys at Jones & Devoy will help you receive the settlement you deserve.

Every product you buy in a store comes with guarantees.  Some of these guarantees are expressly written on a label, and others are imposed by law.  Additionally, if there are any hidden dangers or known dangers when using the product, then there must be a warning.  If none of these conditions are met, and you are injured while using the product, you may be entitled to compensation. 

When using the product, it does not necessarily matter if you are using the product as it was intended, but rather if you were using the product in a foreseeable manner.  If so, then those involved with the production and sale of the product are imposed by California law to take certain precautions.  If these precautions have not been taken, and you or someone you love was injured, then you may be entitled to compensation.