The San Francisco based Law Firm Jones & Devoy can help you solve problems with your landlord throughout the bay area.  We offer the following services to help ensure that your rights are protected:

Property Maintenance and Repairs

Under California law, your rental unit must be kept in a livable condition.  For example if you are living with:  leaky roofs, pest infestations, or mold, the problem must be fixed.  If this is not done, or if repairs are not made in a timely fashion, you may be entitled to compensation or other legal remedies.  Do not be a victim to inaction, stand up for yourself and your living conditions.

Eviction Defense

There are many potential eviction defenses.  Even if the law allows the reason for your eviction, the eviction must be done accordance with certain requirements.

For example, under no circumstances is a landlord entitled to enter the rental property in order to evict.   All evictions must occur through a court order.  No matter what the reason, if you are being evicted, you are entitled to a legal defense.

Moreover, in areas such as San Francisco, there are particularly stringent legal requirements that you can use to protect yourself.  Unfortunately, the law is often disregarded and an eviction begins in an illegal fashion.  Do not let this happen to you.  Protect your rights!  Let our our seasoned San Francisco based eviction defense attorneys make sure that your interests are protected.


While you may be paying your rent, this does not mean that the mortgage has been paid on the property.  If this has occurred, and you have received notice from a bank informing you that you are evicted, you still have legal rights that will allow you to stay on the property for some time, and you should consult our experienced Bay Area foreclosure attorneys immediately.