Bay Area Child Visitation LawyerOur first priority is your children. At the San Francisco, Bay Area law offices of Jones & Devoy we will work with you every step of they way to ensure your children’s safety and well being.

In order to make decisions about your children’s upbringing, you need legal and physical custody of them. Legal custody means that you will have a right to make decisions about the health, safety, and welfare of your child such as medical decisions or what school they attend. Physical custody means that you have the right to say where your children go and with whom they can be with.

To preserve these rights, Jones & Devoy will always first seek to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.  This will not only be less traumatic on your children, but also saves on the time and costs associated with long court battles. However, if the other parent is unreasonable, or unwilling to negotiate, our attorneys will be ready with a legal strategy, investigators, and child custody experts to make it clear to the judge what is in your child’s best interests.

If necessary we can help you obtain:

  • A restraining order against any party that is placing your children in danger;
  • Supervised visitation if the other parent is unwilling or unable to act responsibly with your children;
  • Drug testing of the other parent so that you can rest assured that your child is not being exposed to an inappropriate environment.

Whether you are considering drastic action like the examples above, or just want to tweak an existing child custody and visitation agreement, we can help. Contact our San Francisco based Bay Area attorneys to make sure that you and your child’s rights are protected.