San Francisco Contract Terms Conditions AttorneyThe laws dealing with contracts can be both incredibly flexible, and at the same time very strict. Every situation is different, and the outcome of any problem will depend on your particular situation.

Situations in which contract laws are violated:

  • Concerning whether a contract was ever actually created
  • Disagreements over the meaning of certain terms in the contract
  • When one does not perform her obligations under the contract, and the other party suffers financial harm or is owed a service

Legal services offered by Jones & Devoy:

If you are considering entering into ANY type of contract, or if you are currently involved in a contract, the attorneys at Jones & Devoy can help you ensure your rights are protected. Our firm offers the following legal services in the field of contract law:

  • Defense of those accused of violating a contract
  • Enforcement of the contract against those who violate it
  • Contract review and explanation
  • Creation of a contract

Possible solutions to a contract breach

Depending on the type of contract, the attorneys at Jones & Devoy can work with you to obtain some of the following remedies:

  • Financial compensation for the damaged incurred
  • A court order to prevent a further breach of the contract
  • A court order of performance of the contract