If you are injured by the negligent acts or omissions of another, you may be entitled to compensation.  If your injury was caused by another, and the other person had a legal duty to prevent your injury, then you may be entitled to compensation.

Do I qualify for a negligence lawsuit?

There are several steps which must be navigated to determine if you qualify to bring a negligence lawsuit.  First, you must bring the lawsuit within a certain amount of time after the injury occurs.  This time period is known as the Statute of Limitations.  If you do not bring your suit during this time, you may lose the right to go to court and fail to receive compensation for your injury.

Second, you must have valid claim and legal standing.  This requirement is met if you have an injury that can be proved in court and it is the fault of the other party.

Finally, you must be able to obtain evidence of the injury which you can use in court.

How long will it take and what can I achieve?

Depending on the nature and severity of your injury, the length of a lawsuit can be anywhere from a few months to several years.  Compensation that can be received includes financial reimbursement for any medical expenses, missed employment opportunities, pain and suffering, and the affect the injury will have of your ability to perform certain functions for the rest of your life.

How can Jones & Devoy help me?

The legal system has thousands of rules and requirements.  If one does not know the rules, a valid legal claim may go uncompensated.  The attorneys at Jones & Devoy know these rules and know how to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are justly compensated for your injuries.

Immediately after hiring  Jones & Devoy, we will begin working on your case by contacting the opposing party and demanding compensation.  If this is unsuccessful, we take your case to court, begin gathering more evidence, attempt to settle the case again, and if this does not succeed we will go to trial and litigate your case in court.  Finally, if needed, we will appeal your case to the next highest court.

If you are the victim you will be the plaintiff in the civil case.  It is recommended that you contact an attorney right away to ensure that you are in compliance with all Statute of Limitations requirements.  Often it is unclear when the time limits expire, and legal representation is needed to ensure all work is done in compliance with legal rules.  Next, we will ensure that you have a valid legal claim and legal standing to bring your case to court.  Afterward we will gather evidence and attempt a settlement.  If a settlement is not reached, we will litigate your case in court.

How much will a lawyer cost me?

If you are the victim of a personal injury, you have two options to hire Jones & Devoy.  You may either pay a retainer fee accompanied by an hourly fee or, in certain cases, you will be required only to reimburse Jones and Devoy’s out of pocket expenses and a percentage of the recovery.  To determine which options is best for you, please contact our office to discuss your case.