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The San Francisco Bay Area Law Firm of  Jones & Devoy is proud to offer our services to support those who have supported our nation.  Military veterans of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard face a variety of legal problems, and we are qualified to help you with all of them.

Our co-founding partner, Daniel Devoy who is himself a veteran, and an accredited attorney with the Department of Veterans Affairs, will meet with you to discuss any legal issue you face relating to your veteran status.  As a military veteran himself, Mr. Devoy understands the problems you face, and he has dealt with the Department of Veterans Affairs before and knows to get the results you need.  He is an accredited attorney with the Department of Veterans Affairs and can argue your case in front of Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA).

We Offer Discounted Legal Services for Military Veterans for All Legal Work:

1.  Military Discharge Upgrades:  Despite what you might have been told when you left the military, you can change your discharge, and upgrade it to a more favorable status.  Many veterans face an uphill battle to change the character of their discharge.  Many also falsely belief their discharge will be upgraded automatically in six months – this is not true!  The only way your discharge can be changed or upgraded is if you, the veteran, file a claim.

Depending on the status of your discharge, you may not be eligible to receive the GI Bill, Healthcare, Disability benefits, and other veterans benefits you have earned.  Our veterans rights attorneys can change this for you, and file a claim that can change your life by allowing you to use the benefits you have earned.  To determine if you would like to change your military discharge status, look at your DD 214 and check to see if it lists any of the following:

  • General (under honorable conditions)
  • General Discharge
  • Under Other than Honorable Conditions
  • Dishonorable

Additionally, there are numeric codes in your DD 214 that could subject you to discrimination.  Each branch of service is slightly different, so it is important to research your particular code before you attempt to make a change.

Your military discharge status and re-enlistment code can be found in the following areas of your DD 214

  • Type of Separation
  • Character of Service
  • Separation Code
  • Reentry Code
  • Narrative Reason for Separation

No matter what problem you face when attempting to change your military discharge, our veterans rights attorneys will be glad to meet with you and discuss your case.

2General Practice Areas: Besides the military specific legal issues you may face, the San Francisco Bay Area Veterans Rights Law Firm of Jones & Devoy is proud to offer a discount for all legal work performed for any veteran in any legal matter and a free consultation to discuss the problem.

Our attorneys are experienced in all the criminal defense and civil legal fields found on this website.  If you have a legal issue involving any of these matters, contact our office for a free consultation and a veteran’s discount for all legal work performed.  If you are a military veteran and you need a criminal defense lawyer or help with a civil legal matter, our office would be proud to help you.

Visit our practice areas page to see a full list of the legal services provided by Jones & Devoy.

We Offer Free Representation for Military Veterans in the Following Area of Law:   

1. Veterans Disability Claims:  many veterans endure injuries during their time in service, and are entitled to compensation for their service connected injuries.  Jones & Devoy can help you file your claim with the local regional office for free.  Whether you have never received compensation for a service connected disability, or if you need to increase your current service connected disability, our Bay Area Veterans Rights Law Firm can help you with your veterans disability claim.

2.  Obtaining Veteran’s Benefits:  in addition to service connected disability benefits, military veterans are entitled to a variety of health, educational and financial programs through the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Our office can advise you in regards to these programs and help you obtain everything you have earned.

If you need help in either of these areas, our office would be proud to schedule you for a free consultation to discuss the issue.  There is no charge for our legal services in either of these areas.  If you have any questions regarding your veterans rights in these areas, please call or email our office.  Filing a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years.  Therefore, it is essential that you take action immediately and get the process started.

Many veterans do not receive the benefits and honors due to them simply because they become overwhelmed with the paperwork or do not follow the technical requirements of the law.  Do not let this happen to happen to you.  Let our Bay Area Veterans Rights Law Firm help do the work to make sure you receive your fair share.  Contact us today, and it would be our pleasure to put you in touch with a veterans claims disability lawyer or a discharge upgrade lawyer.

3.  Student Assisted Clinics:  Jones & Devoy LLP also works with Golden Gate University School of Law to teach qualified law students the area of veterans benefits law and discharge upgrade.  Through these veterans clinics, our veterans rights attorneys are able to assist a great number of veterans throughout the nation with their claims on a pro bono basis.

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