Remove your nameWhen your name appears on a website, it is usually because you have placed it on the page, or the page is reporting something accurate about you or your business.  However, there is an increasing problem of inaccurate information being displayed with one’s name on it, leading many people to ask “how do I remove my name from a website.”

This problem becomes even more difficult when your name is a website that may cause embarrassment or damage to one’s reputation.  Two examples of these types of websites are and  While this blog does not approve or disapprove of badboyreport or nationalblacklist, there are ways to have your name removed from nationalblacklist or badboyreport.  The circumstances that will allow you to remove your name from nationalblacklist or badboyreport are different in each case.  Most often our office is told that someone has been wrongly accused or is the victim of blackmail or internet blackmail by the author of the posting.  Regardless of whether the content on nationalblacklist or badboyreport is accurate, or it is defamatory or libelous, federal law will usually prevent a lawsuit against the actual website.

However, there are other ways to have your name removed from the internet, and the internet lawyers at Jones & Devoy have experience in these matters.  Contact our office today to discuss your case