Starting a Veteran Owned Business

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Veteran BusinessThe state of California and the federal government offer numerous benefits to Veteran Owned Businesses, and additionally benefits to business owned by Disabled Veterans.  These benefits primarily come in the form of preferences when it comes to awarding state and federal contracts.

There are several steps that most occur to qualify as a Veteran Owned Business or Disabled Veteran Owned Business.  First, there must be a business in existence.  The easiest way to do this is to create a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a similar structure.  Once this is done, the veteran must own at least 51% of the business.  If the business is going to qualify as a Disabled Veteran Owned Business, then the veteran must register the business with the California Department of General Services.   If the veteran is approved as a Disabled Veteran Owned Business, then the business will get a state preference whereby 3% of state contracts shall be awarded to Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses in accordance with Public Contract Code section 10115.

There are numerous advantages for a Veteran Owned Business and additionally advantages for a Disabled Veteran Owned Business.  The California Law Firm of Jones & Devoy is experienced in dealing with a variety of veterans issues, and can you create a Veteran Owned Business or qualify an existing business as a Veteran Owned Business or Disabled Veteran Owned Business.  Contact us for a complimentary phone or office consultation with our attorneys to discuss your Veteran Owned Business or Disabled Veteran Owned Business.

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