The 501c3 PuzzleBecoming a 501c3 in California is no easy task.  Generally, it requires filings on the state, federal and local level.  Moreover, each level will require different documentation and requirements in order to grant or recognize an Organization’s tax exempt status.

The IRS for example requires that an Organization establish that it is for a “charitable purpose.” Charitable Purpose is a legal term of art that requires a showing that the Organization’s activities falls into a prescribed activity such as combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency, or, lessening the burdens of government.  Further, an Organization needs to take steps to make sure that it is not merely labeled a “social club” or other kind of entity that is not necessarily entitled to tax exempt status.

This can require a detailed description of a non-profit’s activities before or concurrently with the creation of the non-profit itself.  If done correctly, a small amount of sound legal advice at the creation of the Organization will assure that when applications are being submitted you can rest assured they will be accepted.

The San Francisco attorneys at Jones  & Devoy  have experience forming a variety of Non-profit entities across California and can provide the kind of practical advice your Organization needs to secure its status under 501c3 of the IRS code.