Injunctive Relief may have a funny name, but it some cases it can be more valuable than financial compensation.  Often times, a party will file a lawsuit, seeking both financial damages and injunctive relief.  What exactly is injunctive relief?  Injunctive Relief is a court order directing a party to do something or to change their behavior in accordance with the court ruling.  In some cases an injunction can be so powerful that it may stop production of a tv show or movie.  In other cases, it can be as simple as stopping construction on property.  Regardless of what the court may order, it is not uncommon for the value of the injunctive relief to exceed the financial remedy.

Many cases proceed as far as a jury verdict in order to obtain the injunctive relief, and it is possible for more time and resources to be spent on obtaining the injunctive relief then the actual value of the injunctive relief.  However, the law allows injunctive remedies and financial remedies in most civil matters, and therefore it is important to speak to an attorney regarding which is best for your case, or if both are best for your case.