Should I Copyright My Web Site?

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Web pages and Web sites are allowed to be copyrighted.  In many ways they are no different then a book.  However, unlike a book, a web site may change its content, and thus a copyright may not be in the web sites best interest.  Copyright law provides that a unique collection of words may be copyrighted.  Or, in other words, no one can replicate or duplicate your words, without your permission.  For example, if you write a book, no one will be able to replicate your story without your permission.

Web sites create a unique issue in that they are constantly “updating.”  If you update or change your web site, it will increase the difficulty in obtaining a copyright, since a copyright must generally be in a “fixed” (unchanged) format.  Therefore, while it is possible to copyright your web site, it may be better to use other legal methods to protect your material.

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