Building a business requires not only the initial legal planning and development, but also making sure that the proactive legal steps are taken as the business grows. This is because legal planning today helps to avoid problems tomorrow.   These proactive legal planning steps can vary greatly depending upon the type of entity in question.  Non profits formed under 501c3 will need to make sure that their bylaws are being complied with, while companies that intend to go public must make sure that they are SOX compliant.   Many specialized areas, such as tech development will have ongoing disclosure and notice legal issues that the founding engineers will likely not even aware of before some manner of litigation begins.

The first step in avoiding unwanted court battles is to identify the legal pitfalls presented as business starts a growth cycle. Usually, some of these pitfalls will require an expert in a certain field.  For example, Intellectual Property law is highly specialized, and, it is important to have an attorney who practices almost exclusively in this field. The problem though, is that an intellectual property attorney alone will likely miss a potential contract or workers compensation issue.  Thus, it takes a more broad based attorney to see where the various issues could  arise and what specialties are needed for which problems;  a specialist by themselves can only identify and solve their own area of expertise, but the broad based attorney can identify the issue and determine whether a specialist is needed to resolve it.

 Jones & Devoy has extenisve experience in this broad based role of helping all manner of businesses continue to take the necessary legal steps to ensure their continued business success. By acting as the legal hub for a business we can maximize the amount of legal issues resolved in an efficient and cost effective matter.