To understand an Anti-Slapp Motion in California, you must first know the definition of a SLAAP lawsuit.  A SLAPP lawsuit stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.  Generally speaking SLAPP lawsuits are brought by a business entity against those that speak out against it.  Hence, when one participates publicly by exercising free speech that strongly criticizes a business, the business responds by bringing a strategic lawsuit against the speech.  These type of lawsuits are increasing due to the ease in which individuals can publicly broadcast their opinions on the internet.  This area of law is commingly known as Internet Defamation and Libel.  If there is no merit to the claim against the individual, then the lawsuit is considered a SLAPP lawsuit that is solely intended to censor the speaking and intimidate them with the cost of a legal defense.

In California, if you belief you are the victim of a SLAPP lawsuit, then you have the option of filing an Anti-Slapp Motion.  Once you are the defendant in a SLAPP lawsuit, you can file a Motion called an Anti-Slapp Motion.  There are many technical requirements to know before you file an Anti-Slapp Motion, but if successful it will help you to dismiss the case and may reimburse you for your expenses.  Contact our San Francisco Bay Area Internet Defamation Attorneys today to discuss you case and learn more about Slapp Lawsuits and Anti-Slapp Motions.