Military veterans face a variety of legal issues.  Some are unique to being military veterans, some are more likely to occur due to being a veteran, and the others are simply the same legal problems that any other person, veteran or not, would face.  Specific legal issues that apply to military veterans mostly include issues regarding access to Veterans Benefits such as VA Healthcare and the GI Bill.  Closely related are personal benefits based on the individual service of the veteran.  These benefits mainly include service connected disability compensation. 

The second category of legal help for veterans involves legal issues that are more likely to occur due to being a veteran.  Unfortunately, this category often includes criminal defense law.  Many veterans suffer from injuries, such as post traumatic stress disorder, that make it more likely it more likely to be charged with a crime.  If this happens, the veteran is entitled to a defense lawyer; however, there is no legal program offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide an attorney.  Accordingly, veterans charged with crimes need to find their own attorneys.  Our office offers attorneys to provide criminal defense representation to military veterans at a discount.  Click the following link to read a full list of CRIMMINAL DEFENSE LEGAL SERVICES OFFERED TO VETERANS.

Finally, the last category of legal services needed by veterans includes the same services needed by everyone.  This includes anything from creating a new business, defending a lawsuit, or creating a will.  Click the following link to read a full list of ALL LEGAL SERVICES OFFERED TO MILITARY VETERANS.