Expungement, record sealing, and findings of factual innocence are all methods to protect your career by reducing or re-classfying your records in criminal courts.  If you have had any contact with the criminal justice system then there is a record that could be used against you in your career. For example, if you are arrested, and a criminal complaint was filed but dismissed on the first day of court, you will still have a public record of arrest and of having a criminal complaint filed against you.

Things can be even worse if you carry any professional licences. Many professionals such as nurses, teachers, or caregivers will be negatively impacted by certain crimes, such as crimes  of “moral turpitude” are found on their record. The list of professionals that can be affected by an arrest or conviction actually includes many that not traditionally considered such as cosmetologists.

Moreover, there a number of different tools available to maintain your reputation and safeguard your career. For example a “Factual Finding of Innocence” allows you to legally tell anyone that you have never even been arrested, even if you actually were. Whether such a remedy is possible in your case, or whether you are in a career where you even need such a remedy, will differ in each case. It is for this reason that our Firm always offers a free initial consultation in expungement and record sealing cases so you can know what your options are. Contact us today.