Going to court is very much like attempting to repair your own car: Anyone, can, in theory, repair their own car,  however, when you get down to it there are certain kinds of repairs that one feels more comfortable handing off to a professional. New windshield wipers, no problem, handle it yourself.  New engine block, get a professional. This same maxim is very true for the legal world as well. In fact, the legal system is set up to account for the varying degrees of difficulty and complexity inherent in certain kinds of cases. For example, in small claims court, where the maximum one can claim is $7,500, you actually cannot appear in court with an attorney. On other hand, once you begin appearing in unlimited actions in in California Superior Court, you will likely find yourself at a great disadvantage: not only is the process incredibly complicated, but there will likely be an attorney on the other side actively attempting to thwart your every effort. Just imagine trying to assemble your car while another mechanic is simultaneously trying to disassemble it from under you!

So the answer to “Do I need an attorney to sue someone” is: it depends. Suing someone is in one sense is very simple: you tell a judge or jury how someone else wronged you and ask to be compensated. However, the nuts and bolts of  getting to court, and how one is allowed to present evidence, can be a hairy situation. Like many complicated processes it is one that most people could handle on their own to some degree, but other times it will simply be better to have a professional.

Because different cases belong in different courts a correct assement is critical early on in any legal case. Moreover, like a choosing a mechanic, it is also critical that you trust your attorney. It is for this reason that the philosophy of the San Francisco Law Offices of Jones & Devoy LLP to offer a free consultation in every case. This is so you can see not only if you have a case, but whether the Bay Area attorney’s at our Firm have the right approach and style for you.  Contact us to talk to one of our San Francisco based Bay Area Attorneys and see if we are the right attorneys for you.